By: rtvmodeler - Mexico

Part I  /  Construction

May, 2011

With interiors (all) with resin and PE exteriors which includes turret, Fruilmodel tracks, wheels mask, MIG Exhaust pipe, RM Commander, MB Metal wheels, lead wires (3 types), more metal parts of J.Peddinghaus, screwheads / 3 types) of Lionmarc and Eduard gun barrel and more things..

I am drilling the fighting zone and I will add some damage of laminate neglected


The resin of verlinden not includes the accelerator and brake pedal, I made them using styrene. Adding a connection tothe lever of the transmission.

  The compartment of driver and fighting is loose into of the chassis: I added Styrene in order to fix them.    I added some " box of connection " (or transforming?) for the connections in the walls made with styrene and screws of PE. Added supports of PE for the frontal cables and others will be put after of the assembly.  The radio will be put during the final assembly.   


I drilled the plates for adding screws, well, I have a little failures in the align  -  I hope to solve it with a good weathering and/or add-ons.

Ready more PE for the rear plate and front mudguards - The exhaust Pipe is of resin.


Assembling the Compartment Engine of resin of TWS, it arrived damaged, but not problem. I am reviewing the space before to glue and detail.    About the Engine, I added in scratch the tube, hook and styrene.


I painted with red-hull of Tamiya all the interior plates.  The next step is to painting with blank of Tamiya except the engine compartment.

I painted with white of Tamiya all the interior plates.  I am working with more details inside of the chassis.


Working the parts of gun, interiors and exteriors of turret.


I drilled the superior plate of the turret for adding screws and rivets. I drilled the hinges and now the door can be open and closed.


I removed the "L's" of the hoop because they are in position wrong (out) the position correct is (within ). I added PE with screws within the hoop.

I changed the handles of control of the box of the electrycally-powered ventilation in the turret roof, now they are more thin

More drilling in order to open and close the hatches.  Handles of PE has been added into the hatches (one was removed and added again)..


Added Port Vision and for the interior they were made with styrene and PE.

Added impacts in the front mudguards. Ready the support hooks in the hatches. Added the rear mudguards of PE.


Detail of the interiors with weathering applied.    I need to adjusting something.  I added PE in the exteriors.


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