Tiger I Late - Tamiya, 1/35

By: rtvmodeler - Mèxico

Part I / Construction

August, 2012.

With "adds-on": Voyager PE's, Tracks of resin from Lion Marc, hooks and some tools of J. Peddinghaus, Archer transfers and barrel gun metal of Jordi.

Tools to make a Zimmerit are includes in the Voyager set and I have the Tamiya ones.

Preparing the way for applying the Zimmerit. I will use the tools and the Polyester Putty of Tamiya , both are an excellent resource. Filling the holes before to assemble the tools with Photoetched.

Assembling the hooks of the box of turret.

Working the Zimmerit in order to make it damaged and very worn.

Working the box of the turret. I made the damage to the box turret by drilling the 2 holes and then with the flame of a candle, at a moderated distance, I waited until it was soften and pushed with a tweezers of heavy end (non-pointed).

Detailing the damage from shells using a scriber.

Making copper handles using Griffon Models and liquid Vallejo Putty tools.

Working PE's using Mr Fold it Photo Etch Bending Tool by Gauntlett

Working hatches, handles and support of machine gun (movable).

Working the tracks and support for the turret. The tracks will be placed after of painting the turret.

Welding the turret using "Lead wire" of Plusmodel; 0.2mm in zone of hooks and 0.4mm in the rest.

The turret are ready! (after of this pics I added the seats). I will add the spare tracks after of painting and adding the decals.

Two ways for make hinges. 1).- A round of plastic over two pieces of PE using a knife. 2).- Hinges of the Voyager set.

Beginning the details of the tools using PE's.

Front mudguards formed by 14 pieces of Photoetched.

Driver's Visor: I used Shining paper for manual art. ( seemed to the paper for gifts ). Proceed to gluewith CA in over a piece of styrene, a little scratch ( for use ) and to add in the armor.

Cuts of the mudguards of the kit in order to adding the mudguards of Photoetched, ready!!.

Working the clasps of tools.

First tool is ready!

Working the antenna with styrene, metal hoop, hard wire and the cone of old kit of Dragon.

Ready one of the hatches with PE. Was removed the plástic before to adding it. Coming in 6 pieces, excellent and easy handling !.

The grids and head lights Bosch are ready!.

Extinguisher: I used an aluminium tube of 4mm, styrene of 1mm and Photoetched.

Tow cable made using with styrene, photoetched and metal cable.

Working the hooks for the tow cable, they are movable.

Added the side tow cable.

The wheels are ready!

Preparing the resin tracks of Lion Marc, they are excellent!.

Mounting the tools and back mudguard. the tracks are ready!

Aplying Mr. Metal Primer of Gunze Sangyo in the Photoetched and tracks in order to start the painting!.

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