Tiger I Late - Tamiya, 1/35

By: rtvmodeler - Mèxico

Part II / Weathering of the Tracks and Painting

August, 2012.

Starting with the tracks: here I applied a base color gun-metal of Tamiya X-10 so they don't lose the appearance of the steel.

Before starting the weathering of the tracks, I applied a coat of gloss varnish. For the process I will use: solvent spirit - pigments - black, shadow toast and indian-red.

Step 1.- Mixing black and shadow toast pigments it gives a dark earth tone. Step 2.- A little touching of spirit and after of drying I applied indian-red pigments and finally remove the excess.


Applying a dry brush of Metalcote of Monogram-Humbrol gives an excellent metallic tone (type graphite).

Mixing pigments: ochre yellow + shadow toast and little of white, they give a French earth tone. I remove the excess and finally applied Metalcote. Ready!!

Applying a mix of dark-yellow (XF-60) with lemon-yellow (X-8) was excelent!

Mud: Using Polyvinyl Acetate, Marble Powder and pigments (that I used in tracks).

Applying Polyvinyl Acetate

Applying Marble Powder

Fixing the Marble Powder

Applying the pigments

Work done!

Weathering of wheels, 1st. phase: Applying of pigments (same used in tracks) with spirit solvent!

Retouching and mounting the tracks before to adding the mudguards and skirts.

Mounting the side skirts and mudguards are ready!. Next step: Painting the camo!

Camo: I have read that the the Box-Art of Cyberhobby #48 is correct, for this reason I mixed some Tamiya paintings for a best results. BROWN = red-brown XF-64 + white XF-2 + flat-yellow XF-3+ hull XF-9. GREEN = green X-5 + olive-green XF-58 + flat-yellow XF-3.

Detailing the tools. First, Humbrol #34 - whiteand after Humbrol #62 - leather-brown. tow cables and metals Tamiya X-10 gun metal and dry brush with Humbrol-Metalcote gun metal. Next step: the wooden box and other tools and hatches.

Detailing the tools with Vallejo paintings: wooden box, flat brown and dry brush with saddle brown. Pincers, orange brown. Rest of the tools, mix of saddle brown and flat brown. Extinguisher, strap with orange brown.

Detailing the periscopes: using shining gift paper.

Filters: Humbrol for each color in base and camo. I added the antennae and hatches.

Damage zimmerit: for start the work in these parts, I will use Humbrol #128 (Satin grey US) mixed with white pigment using spirit solvent in order to give the irregular dust texture.
Step 1.- Mixing H128 with pigments. Step 2.- To apply covering the zone to treat Step 3.- Adding more pigment Step 4.- Before to dry, to apply the pigment carefully. And... ready!!!

Washes with Humbrol dark-earth and enamel-thinner (30% - 70%). Rain effect and pigments using "Pigment Fixer", both of AK Interactive.

Finishing the damage of the Zimmerit.

See this Video about the procedure.

Washes with Vallejo paintings mixed with oxygenated water: flat-brown 20% + tan-yellow 10% + water 70%. The appearance has been changed greatly!

Final step for the Zimmerit damage: mix the paintings of Humbrol Matt Steel Grey #87 + Matt Army Green #102 and sand pigmented dark grey!.

Current state of the Tiger: As final step, I will detailing damaged of bullets, main gun, machine gun, exhaust pipes and earth in tracks!.

Preparing the Commander figura with Photoetched and adding a coat of grey Surface Primer of Vallejo!.       I painted with black and a coat of Satin Varnish, both of Vallejo


Pic 1.-  Applying dry brush with white of Vallejo.  Pic 2.- Using some flesh tones and salmon rose.  Pic 3.- With lights and shadows.  Pic 4.- Using black and grey-black of Vallejo.  Pic 5.- Washes with black-grey and dry brush with black.


Really I cannot working with this figure of bad quality, it will be deleted!. Well, finally I used the same method with this two figures of resin, the results in best.  I will add some details as headphones and final painting.


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